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Kids & plastic waste

Updated: Mar 4

It seems inevitable! Having children means an influx of plastic into your home but there are ways that we can reduce how much plastic we buy and how many single use items we use.

Here in Wotton we are blessed to have numerous charity shops, a dedicated second hand children’s shop and the Freebies site on Facebook where you can pick up toys, equipment and gifts for little or no money.

If you have a baby or young child then consider cloth nappies rather than plastic filled disposable versions. The Gloucestershire Real Nappy Project offers advice on what options are available, loan kits and they even offer a £30 voucher to anyone who wants to try cloth nappies!

Parties and celebrations can also be plastic filled from decorations to party bags. Many of our local venues and halls offer the use of their crockery so you don’t need disposable versions. The Party Kit Network is a global initiative hiring out party essentials and there is a Wotton kit available! North Nibley Village Hall has a dedicated ‘reusable party kit’ for children’s parties that includes banners, bunting and colourful tableware.

If you’re trying to find gifts that are packaging free then check out The Craft Room, Fish Out of Water, Clarences, The Cotswold Book RoomCrafters, Daisy Daisy, Wotton Freebies and all of our charity shops.



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