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Local Recycling Options

Updated: Mar 4

Sometimes you can’t avoid single use plastics. Medications, pet care products and some food packaging are just a few of the ways that we end up with plastic that can’t be re-used.

The good news is that there are many local recycling options in addition to our kerbside collections that can mean these items are re-used and don’t end up in landfill.


  • Soft Plastics – You can recycle the following plastics at Co-op in town, Tesco in Cam (this store has large collection bins) and Sainsbury’s in Dursley.

Biscuit and chocolate wrappers, Crisp packets and sweet bags, Plastic carrier bags, Baby, pet food, detergent and cleaning pouches, Cereal liners, Bread bags, Frozen food bags, Toilet roll wrapping, Cheese, fish and meat wrapping, Delivery bags, Salad, pasta, and rice bags, Multi-pack wrapping, Plastic film lids

  • Blister Packs – any unopened or part used blister packs with medication still in them should be returned to the pharmacy for disposal. Empty blister packs can be dropped off at any Superdrug store for recycling (our nearest are Stroud and Yate).

  • Toothbrushes – these can be recycled by taking them to the collection points Archway Dental Practice in Dursley, Working Men’s Club in Nympsfield, Stroud Valleys Eco Shop.

  • Contact Lenses – Armstrong and North Opticians on Long Street have a collection point for contact lenses for recycling.

  • Make-up – Any Superdrug store (our nearest are Yate and Stroud) offer a recycling point for make-up containers.

  • Stationery - Pens, felt tips, biros and correction fluid pots – any brand of these items can be dropped off at the collection bin at Rymans stores.

  • Printer cartridges can be dropped off at The Keepers.

  • Foil Balloons and Banners – Card Factory stores now offer recycling for foil balloons and banners. Our nearest stores are in Cirencester or Bristol. Check here for more details

Circular Economy 

The very best way of recycling plastics is to keep using them! You may not have any further use for your clothes hangers / plant pots / fairy lights etc. but someone else may want them. Wotton under Edge has a very active Freebies site on Facebook where you can pass on unwanted items or indeed find something you need without having to buy new plastic.

Check before you bin it!

If you are about to throw something in your black bin – stop and check! Lots of things are recyclable that you may not think are. From buttons and Christmas lights to clothes hangers, CDs, hearing aids, inhalers, polystyrene… If you aren’t sure where to take your plastics check out the list of items you can take to Horsley Recycling Centre or use the tool on the Recycle Now website.


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